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Mayor productividad comercial y de gestión con optimización web y crm

¡Más productividad! - Mayor productividad comercial y de gestión con optimización web y crm

Buscar trabajo en Barcelona o Madrid (España)

Tips in English language below keep on reading!

Hoy recibí una consulta vía Linkedin de una persona para venir a trabajar a Barcelona. Creo que es un paso importante para mejorar su productividad profesional, así que me pareció oportuno contestarle adecuadamente.

Tras comenzar a escribirle unas recomendaciones y enlaces me salió algo parecido a un post con consejos, así que lo adapto y publico aquí por si le sirve a alguien más en su mejora profesional. Escribo el artículo en inglés pues está dirigido principalmente a profesionales de fuera, los de aquí ya saben cómo está la cosa y conocen los medios españoles para buscar empleo, si no, no dudes en preguntarme en los comentarios del blog.

(Ojo hoy es 6 de Diciembre de 2013, puede que si lees ésto en 3 ó 5 años la cosa haya variado algo, espero).


LinkedIn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s good if you have already a good CV and languages skills as you may know these are good assets. You can improve your chances adding recommendations on your Linkedin profile. To do so, you have to ask to your contacts in Linkedin from past job experiences for recommendations.
Doing so you will gain not just visibility but also respect as other people endorse your specific past positions.


And advise before you come to Barcelona, Madrid or Spain to work or job hunting

Before continuing I have to tell you that economy in Spain is not very good, nor in Catalonia/Barcelona. It can harm you depending on the company you finally find… I think Spain will need at least 3-5 years to recover to a decent level of jobs in the market (if you don’t trust me on this, also some sound economy experts say so, the same experts that announce the Spanish crisis when nobody say anything about it even most media didn’t follow them until it was too late).

Nowadays there is a 26% rate of unemployment that means lower salaries (expect a 35%-55% lower than UK, France or Germany), also more competitors for the same position, means more time to find a job).
Actually many qualified Spanish workers are going abroad to work and live, even more you should not believe on Government’s statistics: two thirds of young people in Spain are looking for work abroad, according to ESADE InfoJobs report


Zero step: know what you want and can do, make it clear. Personal Branding

Many professional people doesn’t know what they really can do. They hold a degree or even some job experience, but actually they don’t know what their main skills, hard or transferable ones are. Also what is more important, what they want to work for and which kind of personal branding whant to have.

For all of this there is a shortcut: visit Andrés Perez Ortega website, he has many good tips and tools to help you about personal branding. What is more important, he explains how things work and don’t. If you can’t understand his website/blog in Spanish language, ask him on twitter for references: https://twitter.com/marcapersonal


First step: sign up in the main job boards (they are free and useful)

So even that you want to come to Barcelona/Spain to work and live, so keep reading and doing:

You can check a blog post I wrote about Linkedin to improve your chances of being hired. Tip: you can translate it to other language with the integrated Google Translator tool at the top right on the blog. I thank your feedback too 😉


You should sign with your updated CV up at:


Second step: improve your CV and upload it to the main job boards

In all above:

  • upload/create your CV with keywords you want to work for
  • use a professional picture of yourself. In Spain companies take care of workers’ image in many kind of job positions
  • if the platform allows to use recommendations on your past positions: use it! It stands you out of other job hunters.
  • look for jobs weekly, apply for them even you don’t qualify for one or two main skills. There is not a perfect candidate usually
  • use specific alerts for tailored keywords of your ideal positions. Yes several alerts for several positions. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket
  • Search and contact top head hunters in destination target: they manage many hidden positions that are not posted in the job boards above!
  • Beware of very good positions with low skills, even worse if they pay well and/or they ask you for money before. Scams are everywhere.
  • Don’t quite: winners never quit and quitters never win! 😉
  • Good luck and take care.

¿Te manejas bien en castellano? Puede ser importante en según qué empresas y clientes…

Comments? Requests? Just drop me an comment below.


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